Amy Lai
Amy Lai | Art Director
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V8 Fresh For All 
V8 has been around for a long time most people don't think the juice is made by fresh vegetables. So we want to remind people that V8 is still as fresh as ever by bringing freshness directly to them with speciality V8 bottles that can turn into mini-vegetable garden especially benefiting those who live in food deserts.

Apple iUnplug
Every day millions of phone chargers are left plugged into outlets after the devices are charged. The iUnplug app motivates people to change this habit by tracking and rewarding them whenever they unplug these electrical vampires. Together we can help the environment by unplugging -- one charger at a time. 

A Box of Dreams
Analise finds the best thing that has ever happened to her: a magical box that could transform her into anything & bring her to anywhere she desires.  

It's Not you, It's Me Teaser
See how a professional break-up writer finally gets his one shot in love and all the lessons he learns along the way as he screws everything up.